Listing Number Number Of Seats Section Row Parking Pass Price* Status
4809784024891392 2 410 21 No $6,000 For Sale MAKE OFFER
5175875347677184 2 C213 12 Yes $16,000 For Sale MAKE OFFER
5675326659100672 5 c134 22 No $165,000 For Sale MAKE OFFER
6267523360096256 2 414 2 No $22,500 For Sale MAKE OFFER
6281290353475584 2 414 10 No $13,000 For Sale MAKE OFFER
6281823499845632 2 414 2 No $25,000 For Sale MAKE OFFER
6308757239758848 2 114 10 No $34,000 For Sale MAKE OFFER
*Price is the total for ALL seats.

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